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One Week Happy ESL Primary Camp
One week happy ESL primary camp (5880 yuan)
Recommended for students aged 6-10.

  After the campers arrived at the camp, the organizing committee conducted language level assessments and grouped the teaching according to different levels to ensure that each camper received a quality summer camp experience that matched his or her own language skills.

  Course guidelines:

  The junior course focuses on the camper’s understanding (as others say) and the ability to express (make others understand). The first thing to pay attention to is communication and fluency. At this time, the emphasis on grammar is weak. The teacher started teaching to help campers correct their own mistakes. The course content is close to the campers' life and the summer camp's western-style activities.

  activity description:

learning skills

Event topics

Daily basis

Camp Culture


- perseverance and patience

- Listening and speaking

-Team building

-problem solved

- Western welcome Party (day language exchange)

- Enjoy Western cuisine

- Western table manners

- Barbecue (Western BBQ game)

- Western games (indoor and outdoor)

- Greetings to foreigners

- Camp activities

(Cultivate a problem-solving thinking)

- Visit the museum

- Equestrian

- Obstacles to survival

- CS team battle

- Bow shooting

- bonfire/food

(Roasted hot dogs, mushrooms, bonfire songs)

- Western-style board games

- Vocabulary games

(Simon said, I watch my eyes, think of animals)

- Western-style outdoor games

- Environmental knowledge and games

(Scavenger hunting)

- International etiquette

- Camp crafts

- Agricultural knowledge and experience

(Building your own small garden)

Movie night

(English movie "Little Yellow Man" or Disney movie)

  Camper's schedule:


get up


Lunch break




Camp activities


Activity preparation




Camp activities


free time




Camp activities


free time


Bathing, cleaning clothes



  The specific objectives of the course:

  Cultural experience:

  Silent behaviors in the culture (gestures, eye contact, body language) and cross-cultural communication (differential awareness, respect, tolerance) are naturally taught to students through demonstrations and interactions. Social normative behaviors (such as being polite in dealing with everyday situations) can be explicitly taught to students through modeled demonstrations and counterexamples and practices under lecturer control (such as role play).

  language skill:

  Hearing - The ability of campers to get through the course activities:

  * Demonstrate understanding of expressions of words and phrases extracted from topics they learned

  * Ability to demonstrate understanding of basic instructions expressed through body movements

  * Ability to demonstrate simple face-to-face conversations using previously learned materials

  * Can demonstrate correct response to simple instructions ("Stop!" "Sit down!" "Point out the brown horse")

  Speaking - The ability of the campers to achieve through the course activities:

  * Can use simple words and phrases that have been learned previously to organize their own ideas ("I'm hungry", "I'm excited", "I'm sleepy")

  * Use simple, short sentences from previous studies to answer simple questions about basic needs

  * Participate in simple Western dialogues. Dialogues are related to the cultural exchanges that preceded learning.

  Language features:

  Through the course activities, the campers will use English to complete the following:

  * Identify and present factual information

  *Social and interpersonal relationships: including how to greet, express gratitude, express the status quo

  Language structure:

  Through the course activities, the campers will use the following structure:

  * Respond to simple instructions such as "stand up", "sit down", "open book"

  * Ask questions with simple word and phrase structures, such as "Your name is?"

  One Week Happy ESL Junior Camp:

  Primary Camp Phase I: 07 July - 07 July (1 week 7 days)

  Primary Camp Phase II: July 08-July 14 (1 week 7 days)

  Junior Camp III: July 15 - July 21 (1 week 7 days)

  Primary Camp Phase 4: July 22 - July 28 (1 week 7 days)

  Junior Camp Five: July 29 - August 04 (1 week 7 days)

  6th Camp Camp: August 05 - August 11 (1 week 7 days)

  Primary Camp Phase 7: August 12 - August 18 (1 week 7 days)

  8th Camp: August 19th - August 25th (1 week 7 days)

  Registration fee: One week happy ESL primary camp 5880 yuan

  Weekly Happy ESL Camp Deals:

  Registration fee before May 31: Individual registration discount: 200 yuan/person; 3 or more group discount: 300 yuan/person;

  Registration fee before June 30: Individual registration discount: 150 yuan/person; 3 or more group newspaper discount: 200 yuan/person;

  Registration fee will be paid before July 31st: Individual registration discount: 100 yuan/person; 3 or more group newspaper discount: 150 yuan/person;

  The fee includes:

  1. Accommodation fee: summer camp camp accommodation costs;

  2. Food and beverage costs: The camp offers three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner;

  3, transportation costs: Shanghai airport or station --- camp transportation fee;

  4. Insurance premiums: worth tens of thousands of accidental injury insurance premiums;

  5. Camp Activity Fees: Fees for Summer Camp Standard Activities

  6. Costs of clothing, souvenirs (chapter) and certificates for "camp park" Shanghai bilingual international summer camp;

  7, the cost of taking pictures of the camp life;

  8, summer camp video production costs.

  Expenses do not include:

  1. Costs to Shanghai airports or stations throughout China;

  2. Pure private consumption: excess baggage fees, special catering expenses, private shopping and other private expenses;

  3, invoice costs, the price of this tour is not including tax price.

  Location of the camp: No. 888 Wusi Road, Fengxian District, Shanghai

  Registration channel: "camp park" official website, WeChat public number, hotline: 400-071-0871 or institutional cooperation platform

  friendly reminder:

  1. Participants are requested to make an appointment before the deadline for registration; in order to avoid delays in your schedule due to tight seats.

  2. After the application for payment, please take a screenshot or take a picture to obtain a successful payment picture, and send it to the customer service staff together with the completed registration instructions and registration form in order to confirm the quota.

  3. If you have any questions about the above itinerary, please call directly at 400-071-0871 or contact “Online Customer Service”. We will answer you in time.

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