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Camp Activities
  • Hardworking gardener
    Hardworking gardener

    The ambition is a seedling of genius, cultivated by hands that love labor, and will grow into a thick tree in fertile fields. If you do not love your work and do not educate yourself, your aspirations to the seedlings will die.

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  • Fire Culture
    Fire Culture

    The bonfire party is a traditional form of celebration for the grassland people. According to legend, in ancient times, people learned to drill fire and found that the fire can not only roast food, but also can scare the beast and protect their own life safety.

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  • Plant paintings
    Plant paintings

    Summer is a season of lush vegetation. The scenery of nature is colorful. These are the colors of our beautiful brushes. The campers first think about the contents of the paintings and then search for their own colors in a natural environment and combine these colors into the most beautiful dream paintings.

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  • Handmade

    Turn waste into treasure, handmade. Even the most common items, after a series of simple splicing and pasting processes by hand-made masters, have become another new thing: small animals made of vegetables, cartoons made of eggs and paper sheets...Miracles are constantly happening until they light up the imaginary light in your mind. You will learn to pass the analogy in technology network. As long as you prepare a pair of scissors, some glue, double-sided tape and other tools, you can create more miracles.

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  • CS special service group
    CS special service group

    The real-life CS field set up in the camp has a real experience scene. The gameplay can also be described as colorful: there is an "annihilation war" to destroy the other party; a "meeting war" in which the narrow road meets: the "attack and defense war" aimed at attacking the city: The “winning the flag” war with a winning speed, the “ambush war” with a test response, the “protecting politicians” with a heavy formation, and the “CQB” (indoor close combat) with special popularity.

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