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Shanghai Bilingual International Summer Camp Registration Information 2018
Date:2018-04-17   Source:Camp park   Author:Camp park

  Congratulations on becoming a member of the Shanghai Bilingual International Summer Camp in 2018! To ensure the smooth development of the summer camp, please confirm the following:

  1. Description of summer camp fees:

  a) Course Fees: The final fees shall be subject to the corresponding post-concession fees (For details of the preferential policies, please visit the official website www.yingdigongyuan.com/ or call 400-071-0871)

  b) The cost does not include:

  1. Pure private consumption: excess baggage fees, special catering expenses, private shopping and other private expenses;

  2. Costs incurred due to personal reasons for being late, leaving the team, and leaving the team without authorization;

  3. The cost of field campers traveling to and from the Shanghai airport or station (arrive at the airport and station in Shanghai).

  4. The city's transportation costs for campers to and from the camp;

  5. Invoice cost (This price is not including tax price).

  2. Campers and Parents Cooperate with:

  a) Parents' cooperation:

  1. Please ask the parents of the city to pick up the children on time when the camp is opened or closed.

  After the foreign parents select the camp period, please inform the organizing committee about the flight and trip information 3 days before the camp is opened to arrange the pick-up station;

  2. Ask parents to conduct safety education for their children before entering the camp and establish their children's safety awareness;

  3. Ask the parents to instruct the campers to tidy up the equipment. In principle, it should be light and convenient. The following is the equipment retrieval table:


Recommended quantity

Daily clothes, shoes

Wear 1 set with 1 set

Underwear, socks

2-3 pieces/double

Personal items (towels, toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, cups, slippers, etc.)

1 person

  4. Items to be provided with the camp: 1 hat, 1 long (short) sleeve coat, 1 summer camp certificate and 1 medal.

  5 Prohibited items: Do not bring any valuables, electronic products, knives, and other dangerous goods (the mobile phone will be sent to the counselor for safekeeping after the mobile phone enters the camp); the state laws stipulate the control of the articles; other articles unrelated to the summer camp activities. If you have personal personal belongings and you have not paid for the safekeeping of the camp, you will be responsible for the loss.

  b) Campers' cooperation:

  1. Actively coordinate with the itinerary arrangement, follow the command of the camp teacher and counselor, and strictly follow the collection of time and place;

  2. Based on the principle of security, we will not leave the team without authorization, and will not commit any violation of law or discipline. We will attend all activities on time and on schedule.

  3. The opening time is 10:00 on the first day of each issue; the closing time is: 15:00 on the last day of each issue.

  d) Campsite address: No. 888, Wusi Road, Fengxian District, Shanghai; Navigation Search: Shanghai Jiansheng Educational Activity Center

  Three other agreements:

  1. The adjustment, increase, decrease or even cancellation of all or part of the activities and schedules caused by force majeure factors (such as weather disasters, wars, epidemics, and government policies) is not considered as a breach of contract by us;

  2. If we cannot normally start the camp due to our reasons, we will return the full tuition fees for the campers;

  3. Campers who are unable to attend due to personal reasons (such as physical discomfort or emergencies, etc.) will be refunded 80% of the cost before the Camper leaves the camp, or may choose to reserve the amount and postpone the participation in the next period. The paid camp fee is offset against the next period's camp fee. (Duotuishaobu);

  4. During the camper training period, due to personal reasons, he will leave the camp midway and he will not be refunded the tuition fees.

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