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What is the theme of the summer camp that fosters children's habits?
Date:2018-04-17   Source:Camp park   Author:Camp park

  The theme of the Summer Camp is the military, which uses the militarized norms to cultivate good habits and expands the ability to successfully teach and train. Excellence is a habit, and success is a capability. The children are heavily influenced by the barracks and cultivate a strong personality. Children learn to co-exist in cooperation, stand on their own feet, and practice patience.

  Military summer camps enable young people to learn to take care of themselves, help others, temper their will, explore the future, and cultivate young people’s self-learning, self-reliance, self-improvement, and self-discipline skills through experiential, diverse, and interesting training activities, so that young people can recognize themselves. Potential, enhance self-confidence, improve their own image; overcome psychological inertia, and temper perseverance to overcome difficulties.

  The militarized experiential training is an internationally popular education method that aims to stimulate individual potential and enhance personal creativity. It allows children to adjust their physical and mental state, not impetuous, not to waste, and to face the challenges of learning and life better; to enable children to Recognize the role of groups, increase awareness and responsibility for collective participation, stimulate imagination and creativity, improve the ability to solve problems, improve interpersonal relationships, learn to appreciate others, and enable children to learn to care and cooperate more harmoniously with others; And love life.