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How do summer schoolchildren participate in summer camp activities?
Date:2018-04-17   Source:Camp park   Author:Camp park

  The Summer School Pupil Summer Camp combines military courses to learn the culture of the army, to create an image of integrity, fearlessness, strength, and a soldier who is not afraid to endure hardship; learn to care for others, love life, and love nature. We will train young people's self-control ability, sharpen their will, and fully tap their potential; broaden their horizons, expand their brain thinking, and comprehensively improve their overall quality.

  The military development activities of summer camps for primary school pupils can improve the organizational discipline of children's physical fitness, regulate words and deeds, cultivate self-care and self-reliance, and can sharpen their hard-working spirit and persistence perseverance, and enhance the youth’s awareness of national defense and national defense. Inspire the spirit of patriotism and collectivism, cultivate good behavior habits, learn to live in harmony with others, and establish a correct outlook on life and values.

  Summer School Summer Camp allows children to exercise their ability to live independently in their military life and cultivate their child's sense of labor. In this summer camp, the instructors will guide the children themselves and cultivate good living habits. A series of challenges and development activities that go beyond self, let young children and children healthy, learn to communicate and communicate with others; and through the psychological evaluation and instilled in the sense of national honor, so that the camper "Morality, body, art and craft" full development.