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What can the youngsters get for summer camp?
Date:2018-04-17   Source:Camp park   Author:Camp park

  The Summer Summer Camp conducts outreach training among children aged 6-16. Allow children to receive field survival training, family life education, life skills training, sports skills training, psychological counseling and psychological quality training. In the face of common difficulties, children must strengthen their teamwork and spirit of cooperation, overcome their weaknesses, and work with others to overcome difficulties. This has strong pertinence for the current one-child education.

  Based on psychology, pedagogy, kinematics, and other theoretical and expert experiences, the summer camp integrates foreign multi-intelligence education theory with outdoor development training. It focuses on tempering the will, improving personality, allowing children to learn to cooperate, learn to survive, and cultivate self-confidence. And to withstand the psychological quality of setbacks and failures is the best complement to traditional exam-oriented education.

  Participating in summer camp activities is a feeling, an experience of life; an increase in the training of life, an increase in independence and self-sufficiency; and full enjoyment of the endless joy of coexistence between man and nature. There is always one on the road between body and soul! The summer camp is a continuation of friendship; the summer camp is the beginning of a feast; the summer camp is an inner growth; the youthful memory with you!