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  • What is the theme of the summer camp that fosters children's habits?

    The theme of the Summer Camp is the military, which uses the militarized norms to cultivate good habits and expands the ability to successfully teach and train. Excellence is a habit, and success is a capability. The children are heavily influenced by the barracks and cultivate a strong personality. Children learn to co-exist in cooperation, stand on their own feet, and practice patience.

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  • How to choose the right course for many summer camps?

    In the summer, many summer camp organizations began to become active. Various summer camps, various travel agencies, educational institutions, and training institutions started summer camps as long as they were able to stick with children and training. s project. Many parents are also willing to send their children to summer camps to study and relax.

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  • How do young people participate in summer summer camp safety?

    Most proposals for improving the safety of outdoor sports are accelerating the construction of outdoor safety laws and regulations, improving outdoor safety education systems, establishing outdoor safety logistical support systems, strengthening the supervision of outdoor organizations and clubs, and standardizing the specifications and organizational forms of outdoor sports organizations. Regardless of how many policies the state has introduced to avoid the risk of outdoor sports, it is only after accidents that there are corresponding measures to solve them. What the summer camp security should actually do is take precautions and take preventive measures.

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  • How do summer schoolchildren participate in summer camp activities?

    The Summer School Pupil Summer Camp combines military courses to learn the culture of the army, to create an image of integrity, fearlessness, strength, and a soldier who is not afraid to endure hardship; learn to care for others, love life, and love nature. We will train young people's self-control ability, sharpen their will, and fully tap their potential; broaden their horizons, expand their brain thinking, and comprehensively improve their overall quality.

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  • What can the youngsters get for summer camp?

    The Summer Summer Camp conducts outreach training among children aged 6-16. Allow children to receive field survival training, family life education, life skills training, sports skills training, psychological counseling and psychological quality training.

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  • Why are summer camps so popular with primary and secondary school students?

    After the summer vacation, some children do not have classmates, parents have jobs, and they may often study or play alone at home. Over time, it is easy to form an introverted personality, affecting future growth and development. Participating in summer camps can improve children's ability to communicate with others and allow them to communicate with others in harmony.

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