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"Camp Park” is an education brand dedicating to cultivate juvenile comprehensive abilities. To provide high quality campus education courses and activities as our duty, “Camp Park” expects to develop teenager skills on creative study, good communication, critical thinking, and gritty and innovation though an innovative education approach.A great deal of evidence demonstrates that “Camp Park” is becoming a leading camp education brand. We have rich independent experiences on curriculum design and campus operation. In “Camp Park”, our customers can find anything they want!

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  • Shanghai Bilingual International Summer Camp Registration Information 2018

    Congratulations on becoming a member of the Shanghai Bilingual International Summer Camp in 2018! To ensure the smooth development of the summer camp, please confirm the following.

  • What is the theme of the summer camp that fosters children's habits?

    The theme of the Summer Camp is the military, which uses the militarized norms to cultivate good habits and expands the ability to successfully teach and train. Excellence is a habit, and success is a capability. The children are heavily influenced by the barracks and cultivate a strong personality. Children learn to co-exist in cooperation, stand on their own feet, and practice patience.

  • How to choose the right course for many summer camps?

    In the summer, many summer camp organizations began to become active. Various summer camps, various travel agencies, educational institutions, and training institutions started summer camps as long as they were able to stick with children and training. s project. Many parents are also willing to send their children to summer camps to study and relax.

  • How do young people participate in summer summer camp safety?

    Most proposals for improving the safety of outdoor sports are accelerating the construction of outdoor safety laws and regulations, improving outdoor safety education systems, establishing outdoor safety logistical support systems, strengthening the supervision of outdoor organizations and clubs, and standardizing the specifications and organizational forms of outdoor sports organizations. Regardless of how many policies the state has introduced to avoid the risk of outdoor sports, it is only after accidents that there are corresponding measures to solve them. What the summer camp security should actually do is take precautions and take preventive measures.